Secret Messages 2023

Get anonymous feedback from your friends, coworkers and Fans.

  1. You can never know who messaged you!🔮
  2. Please allow NOTIFICATION to receive notifications about new message.
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Frequently Asked Questions allows you to get anonymous feedback from your friends, co-workers and fans. Discover your strengths and areas of improvement by receiving feedbacks from everyone.

No, you can receive secret messages from every one. You just have to share link on WhatsApp status or any other social media. Many people will start sharing their honest feedback to you because they know you will never know who they are. is an anonymous secret message platform which has many unique features. You can check out by using just once.

Yes this app is safe. If you don’t feel safe you can always delete your account and stop using the website. Once you delete your account, it’s permanently deleted from our servers.

If you have used a service called anonymous messages, you must understand that the identity of users sending you messages are not stored. Hence, there are no ways to understand who sent you the messages.

If you forgot the Login PIN then please create a new account. Anyone who has only a User ID but not pin is necessarily not the same person who has created the account. Therefore, we cannot provide Pin to anyone.

Try visiting the website with the same browser you used to create an account. If your account is still logged in, then click on “Show Login Details” and then take the screenshot for future use. You can use that User Id and Pin to Login from any other device or browser in future. But in case your account is not logged in, then there is no way to restore User Id and Pin. To continue using, you need to create a new account and this time remember to take the screenshot.

We or any other website whose links you share on your story can ever know any person’s phone number that has seen your status. Neither can we even know your contact number. Therefore, please understand you can’t know by any means who has messaged you.

If someone is insulting you and you are bothered, please log out of your account and stop using our service. If someone is abusing you, there is no way from our side to understand who messaged you. I completely understand your concern but that's how our website works.

If you want to stop receiving notifications, tap the lock icon (🔒) in the URL bar in your browser and then click on site settings, then click “Notifications” Button, Turn Off “Show Notifications” You can now see Notifications are turned off. You can use this method to turn off notifications from any other sites as well. You can also search for step by step guide on google by typing disable push notification on android browser.

If you want to delete your account, tap on the settings button in Inbox page.

Try refreshing the page.

Go to the website(, Enter your name and then click the “Create your Link” button. Your account is now created. Copy your link by clicking the “Copy Link” button and then share that link on all your Social Media Accounts.

Once you delete any message, it’s permanently deleted from our servers. Therefore, there is no way you can restore deleted messages.